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What We Do

The Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers (CIIC) is a national umbrella organization which represents Irish immigrant groups throughout the United States. The CIIC strives to be a strong, cohesive and representative voice for the needs of Irish immigrants. There is a growing awareness that the current immigration system in the US is broken, the CIIC works with other immigrant and activist groups to be a strong advocate for fair and just immigration legislation.

The Coalition provides support and assistance to our members in their community care work and is actively involved in issues relating to the welfare of the Irish community in the USA. Monitoring policy and legislation that impacts the Irish community is an important part of the CIIC’s work. This includes immigration, health and welfare issues which affect the immigrant community. The CIIC identifies and responds to issues and keeps the Irish centers updated and informed on developments and changes that will impact their services.

The CIIC provides links and information to the regional centers and is a clearinghouse for sharing information, training and support. The CIIC liaises with the Irish Abroad Unit at the Department of Foreign Affairs as well as other Irish government departments and organizations that work with Irish immigrants abroad or when they return to Ireland.