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Immigration Reform

Take Action
To ensure that legislation that you support has a chance of passing, it is important to let legislators know how you feel. Take the time to phone, email or write to them to let them know that this is important to you. Every contact is counted and legislators take this into consideration when making their decision to support or not support an issue.

Who should call their Legislators?
Everyone who has an interest in passing a bill or supporting a position should call or write. Every contact makes a difference.

Can I call if I am not a registered voter?
Even if you are not a registered voter you should call. The legislator represents every resident of their elected district and they want to hear form you.

I have never phoned my legislator before what do I say if I want them to support comprehensive immigration reform?

  1. Explain to whoever answers the phone that you want to let the legislator know your feelings/opinion about comprehensive immigration reform. Ask to speak to the appropriate staff person.
  2. Let the staffer know that you live in the district and that you are a registered voter. If you are not yet a citizen or a legal permanent resident you are still a constituent so let the staffer know you plan to register as soon as you are eligible.
  3. If requested you can give your name and address or explain that you are more comfortable with giving the street name or the name of the area you live in.
  4. Explain briefly why the issue is important to you and what action you would like the Senator or Representative to take.
  5. Ask how the Senator or Representative stands on the issue.
  6. Thank the staffer.