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Prestigious Award for Emerald Isle Immigration Center Director Siobhan Dennehy

Siobhan Dennehy, Executive Director of the Emerald Isle Immigration Center and Board President of the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers will be awarded the prestigious John F. Kennedy Medal of Honor by the AOH for her work with Immigrants at their annual convention in Cincinnati this summer. Warmest congratulations to Siobhan on being the recipient of this distinguished award. It is a well deserved recognition of your tireless work on behalf of immigrants. Read the details in the Irish Echo

Congratulations to Fr. Colm Campbell from the New York Irish Center
Fr. Colm Campbell, New York Irish Center Board President and former CIIC Board President, will celebrate his 50th year as a priest in June.  To honor the occasion the Holy Trinity Parish and the New York Irish Center invite you to join Fr. Campbell at his Golden Jubilee Mass on Sunday June 20 at 12:30 PM at 82nd St, Manhattan NYC (between Amsterdam and Broadway. Congratulations and very best wishes to Fr. Campbell on this momentous occasion. 

Finding ICE Detainees  
The ICE On-line Detainee Locator System (ODLS) is due to be rolled out to the public this month. It will allow the public to conduct online Internet-based queries to locate persons detained by ICE for civil violations of the Immigration and Nationality Act. ODLS is intended to allow members of the public, especially family members and legal representatives, to determine whether an individual is currently in ICE detention and, if so, at which facility the person is detained.

ICEODLS will be accessible by visiting ICE's public website (

There will be two ways to search for a detainee:
  • Perform a query using an Alien Registration Number (A-Number) and country of birth; or
  • Perform a query using a full name and country of birth.
The response page will show IN CUSTODY or OUT OF CUSTODY.  If IN CUSTODY, the system will show the name of the facility, with a link to its webpage with information about directions and visiting hours.  It will show where the individual is currently being held, not previous places they were held.  If OUT OF CUSTODY, the system will not provide any additional specifics.

CIIC Training Event - Measuring Outcomes
The CIIC recently organized a very important event for members to design systems to measure the effectiveness of our services to immigrants. Thanks to everyone who participated in this effort to ensure we are all more effective in our work.
Legal Issues for those Adjusting Status
The CIIC hosted a conference call recently to discuss potential barriers across the US for those who are filing family petitions. We were joined by members and immigration attorneys from Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Boston and Philadelphia. The input and expertise of the attorneys was extremely helpful and we will continue these calls as needed to inform the work of the Irish Centers and keep all involved informed about issues affecting our community. For more information or to join future calls contact

Another fee Increase Proposed by USCIS?
Irish Centers and immigrants please review the proposed fee increases USCIS. They are seeking public comment so let them know what the impact of the increases will be. The average fee will increase by 10%. Click here
to view the USCIS Fact Sheet.

No More Lost I-94 Cards!
The use of paper I-94 forms (the green cards stapled to passports) will be eliminated for Visa Waiver travelers with an approved Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) arriving in the United States at all airports by the end of this summer. Automated processing will be introduced on a rolling basis at all airports over the coming months. Read more here

Returning to Ireland Information

Crosscare Migrant Projects guide for returning 'Returning to Ireland' is an excellent resource that contains comprehensive information for returning immigrants. It is available to download in fact sheet format from their website at  

Crocsscare is conducting a survey to assess the needs of Irish emigrants/returnees and also the needs of the organizations that provide services to Irish people abroad.  The survey will help the organization to continue to provide quality services to Irish emigrants/returnees in the future. 

If you are an organization that provides information and services to Irish people abroad, an immigrant who has or is planning to return to Ireland they want your feedback. Please click here to take part in the survey.

Rules for spouses of US Citizens
Irish immigrants who may be thinking of returning to Ireland with a non- Irish spouse should be aware that there is no automatic entitlement under Irish law for an Irish citizen to
have their non-European Economic Area spouse, partner or other family member to join them in Ireland. Crosscare provides detailed information on the steps you need to take to apply for residency on their website -Residency Information for Family Members & Partners of Irish Citizens

Items of Interest
Caitriona Palmer reports on the new wave of emigration to America

When the White House Calls. A story on the impact of 287(g) and Secure Communities on immigrant detentions and deportations.

Seniors Connect
If you are an Irish Senior and you would like to connect, via the phone, with someone from Ireland for a chat or to discuss an issue call the toll free number 1-877-997-5777. The Senior Connect program is free, easy to access and completely confidential.

Sheila Gleeson
Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers

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