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Find Your Local Irish Center

Immigrants who are looking for information or assistance are encouraged to call the Irish Center in their area. Each Irish Center provides their own individual range of services and programs based on local needs. Irish Centers are firmly rooted in their communities and when you call you will speak to a friendly, understanding and knowledgeable person who can help you to find what you need. Whether you are looking for information about visas, citizenship, health care, accommodation, employment, programs for seniors, domestic violence or returning to Ireland give your local Irish Immigration Center a ring.

Irish centers are particularly concerned with assisting immigrants who need support when they experience some kind of problem or difficulty in their life. Services are welcoming, safe and confidential and are provided to all, regardless of income or background. To find out more about the Irish Center nearest to you click the link below. If you cannot find an Irish Center near you please contact us at and we will help you find the resources you need.



Irish Immigration Pastoral Center
5340 Geary Blvd., Suite 206
San Francisco, CA 94121
Phone: 415-752-6006
Fax: 415-752-6910

The Irish Immigration Pastoral Center (IIPC) is a community based organization that serves as a home away from home for Irish immigrants in the Bay Area. As a parish without boundaries it offers spiritual, social and practical support to Irish immigrants who are thousands of miles from home and family.

› Immigration advice and attorney referral
› Employment and housing assistance programs,
› Educational programs
› Social activities
› A comprehensive social service and counseling program
› National advocacy for immigration reform

Irish Outreach San Diego
2725 Congress Street 2G
San Diego, CA 92110
Phone: 619-291-1630
Fax: 619-291-2678

Irish Outreach San Diego, Inc. provides assistance to Irish Immigrants in the San Diego area. Irish Outreach provides resources, support and information for the new immigrant to the San Diego area. Services include orientation to San Diego and assistance with:

› Employment
› Housing
› Immigration laws and legal representation
› Landlord/tenant disputes
› U.S. Citizenship processing
› Alcohol and drug abuse counseling
› Pre-marriage counseling
› Irish Passport Application assistance
› J-1 Student Services.
› U.S. / Mexican Border Crossing Advisory.


Chicago Irish Immigrant Support
4626 N. Knox Ave. #308B
Chicago, IL 60630
Tel: 773 282 8445
Fax: 773 282 8446

The Chicago Irish Immigrant Support Center serves the needs of Irish immigrants in the Chicago area and the central portion of the United States. Their goal is to help immigrants to adjust to life in the United States. In particular, they offer advice support and referral to individuals who need assistance with immigration, social, economic and spiritual concerns. The services provided are offered in a non-judgmental and confidential atmosphere and all services are free of charge. Services offered by Chicago Irish Immigrant Support include:

› Immigration information, advice and referral
› DV lottery applications assistance
› U.S. Citizenship assistance
› Returning to Ireland; information on living and working in Ireland
› Services for seniors including an Active Retirees club


Irish Student Outreach Center

Pat and Rick Fairbend
Hotline phone: 410-520-0344

Ocean City Irish student Outreach provides assistance and support to Irish students who are in the area on J-1 visas. A team of local volunteers offers a comprehensive orientation and a range if information, support and practical services including:

› Social Security numbers access and information
› Information leaflets
› Housing
› Employment
› A hotline that students call to access assistance with urgent problems
› Legal services information and referral
› Practical assistance with incidental items for apartments


Irish International Immigration Center
100 Franklin Street, Suite LL-1
Boston, MA 02111
Phone: 617-542-7654
Fax: 617-542-7655

The Irish Immigration Center (IIC) was founded in 1989 by a dedicated group of Irish immigrants as a ‘mutual assistance’ organization providing support for one another. While they remain committed to their Irish base, they now assist not only Irish immigrants, but newcomers from more than 100 nations.

The IIC addresses the immediate needs of individuals and families with expert legal advice and an array of programs. Through advocacy, organizing, and immigrant rights programs, they work toward achieving lasting, positive social change for the immigrant community. Programs offered by the IIC include:

› Immigration & Citizenship
› Counseling
› Substance Abuse
› Employment & Housing
› Cross Cultural and Immigrant Rights Program
› ESOL classes
› International Programs
› Workers’ Rights
› Returning to Ireland

Irish Pastoral Centre
15 Rita Road
Dorchester, MA 02124
Phone: 617-265-5300
Fax: 617-265-5313

The Irish Pastoral Centre (IPC) in Boston provides assistance to Irish immigrants in the New England area to help them to transition to life in America. Since 1987 the IPC has provided a broad range of services to the community and are particularly committed to those who are most vulnerable members. The IPC is run by a dedicated staff and a number of Irish immigrant volunteers. The IPC services include:

› Counseling program and substance abuse referral
› Assisting victims of domestic abuse
› Support and counseling for married couples
› Employment and housing assistance
› Mother and toddler groups
› Advice with medical and healthcare issues
› Senior Citizen Outreach Program & visits to home bound elders
› Returning to Ireland, including assistance with Irish & British pensions and Medicare
› Immigration & Citizenship Services
› Supporting Irish prisoners and being a liaison to family members
› Spiritual Programs and Pastoral Care

New York

Aisling Irish Community Center
990 McLean Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10704
Phone: 914-237-5121
Fax: 914-237-1723

The Aisling Irish Community Center is a community outreach center dedicated to assisting the Irish and Irish-American community in New York. The Aisling Center assists immigrants to make their transition to life in America a positive experience. They have a drop-in center where immigrants can get information and access the Centers wide range of programs, services and classes. Programs provided by the Aisling Center include:

+ Confidential Counseling provided by four licensed social workers, including a full-time counselor, for issues such as drug & alcohol dependency, domestic abuse and relationship or family issues, and depression.
+ Social Service Referrals
+ Senior group -Young at Heart
+ Mother and Toddler group
+ Classes promoting physical Health and Wellbeing including yoga, Weight Watchers, kickboxing and self-defense.
+ Irish volunteers for the homeless
+ Health insurance infomation/ referrals and assistance with medicaid applications
+ Free mammograms quarterly, free health screening bi-monthly and regular seminars on various health issues.
+ Computer classes for all levels – basic, intermediate and advanced – and for seniors.
+ Irish language, music and dance classes
+ Weekly AA/Betterway group meeting
+ Arts & Crafts class for children
+ Employment and Accommodation Referrals

Emerald Isle Immigration Center
59-26 Woodside Avenue
Woodside, NY 11377
Phone: 718-478-5502
Fax: 718-446-3727

4275 Katonah Avenue
Bronx, NY 10740
Phone: 718-324-3039
Fax: 718-324-7741

The Emerald Isle Immigration Center (EIIC), with two community-based offices, provides a comprehensive array of services, including one-on-one immigration counseling. Irish and other immigrants, including those who are undocumented are invited to avail of EIIC’s programs and services. The Center assists with immigration and citizenship, bank accounts, driver’s licenses, housing, medical insurance, education and protection under the law. The scope of its services includes job-training and placement services, citizenship and voter registration, educational programs, and programs for seniors. Programs and services provided by EIIC include:

+ Immigration services
+ Citizenship application assistance
+ Passport Application forms for Irish passports
+ Employment
+ College information services
+ Health awareness counseling
+ Senior citizen services including assistance with renewal of green cards, information on the bi-lateral social security agreement, support and counseling for depression
+ Information on returning to Ireland
+ Social Services including Mental Health Counseling for depression, relationship issues, domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse counseling and support services

Project Irish Outreach

1011 First Avenue, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10022
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2033
Fax: 212-755-1526

The mid-town Manhattan location at the Catholic Center provides confidential services to immigrants including:

+ Information and referral on legal immigration matters
+ Social services and entitlements, maternity services, and crisis intervention.
+ Legal immigration representation is available in Catholic Charities Department of Immigration Services.
+ Confidential immigration information is also available from the New York Immigration Hotline 1(800) 566-7636, located at the Catholic Center.

Project Irish Outreach in Yonkers

990 McLean Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10467
Phone: 914-237-5098

A Social worker from Project Irish Outreach is available at the Aisling Community Center for confidential consultations Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm. Information, referral, advocacy and services are offered on a variety of matters including:

+ Social service entitlements
+ Medicaid and Medicare information and referral
+ Maternity services
+ Addiction prevention and treatment
+ Crisis intervention and pastoral counseling

New York Irish Center
10-40 Jackson Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11101
Phone: 718-482-0909
Fax: 718-482-0908

The New York Irish Center is located in Long Island City and is easily accessible from every part of New York City and the tri-state area. They provide a place for everyone in the greater New York Irish community. Services provided by the Center include:

+ Referrals to immigration, legal, medical, and personal counseling services
+ Information about Irish arts, entertainment and cultural events
+ A 24 hour Helpline (1-877-ERIN-HELP)
+ Lunch program for senior citizens
+ Mother and toddler group
+ On-site counselors/therapists
+ An internet cafe,
+ Computer training
+ Cultural activities, including old-time dancing, Irish dancing, “seisiuns” plays and card nights


Irish Immigration Center of Philadelphia
7 South Cedar Lane
Upper Darby, PA 19102
Phone: 610-789-6355
Fax: 610-789-6352

The Irish Immigration Center serves the needs of the Irish Immigrant Community and their families in the Delaware Valley. The Center is committed to networking with other immigrant groups and assists immigrants with housing, employment and immigration issues. The Center also serves as a community hub for Irish Immigrants in the Philadelphia Area and provides information, advice and assistance on:

+ U.S Citizenship
+ Ireland and U.K. Passport Renewal Applications
+ Green Cards
+ Family-Based Petition Applications
+ Work Authorization & Renewal
+ Drivers’ License Information
+ Social Security and Tax I.D.
+ Health care information and advocacy
+ Affordable Clinic Programs for Pregnancy, Pre- And Post-Natal Care
+ Bereavement and crisis support and counseling

Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh
425 Sixth Avenue, Suite 1410
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 412-394-3900
Fax: 412-394-0502

The Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh’s mission is to promote mutual understanding of the Catholic and Protestant traditions in Northern Ireland and economic development throughout all of Ireland. The Institute fulfills its mission by providing quality programs in job training, economic development, leadership development, educational alliances and reconciliation.

The Institute is a change-oriented organization that collaborates with industry, educational and government institutions in the development of all programs.


Seattle Irish Immigration Support Group
PO Box 75123
Seattle, WA 98175
Phone: 425-244-5147
Fax: 847-890-7839

Seattle Irish Immigrant Support Group provides assistance to Irish Immigrants in Western Washington who need assistance or referrals. Services are confidential and non-judgmental. They provide assistance to immigrants with a wide range of questions, issues or problems including:

+ Immigration and citizenship issues
+ Drug and alcohol abuse
+ Domestic violence
+ Family problems
+ Employment and workers rights


Irish Immigrant Service of Milwaukee

The Irish Cultural & Heritage Center of Wisconsin
2133 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53233
Phone: 414-345-8800
Fax: 414-345-8805

The Irish Cultural & Heritage Center of Wisconsin (ICHC) is home to a variety of Irish cultural events. The center is available to groups for meetings, parties, fund-raisers, classes, films and lectures as well as present Irish plays, author book-signings. There are now two libraries which are open to the public, the ICHC Irish library and the genealogical library sponsored by the Irish Genealogical Society of Wisconsin.